Business Taxes and Permits

The City of Willcox encourages all New or Temporary Business Ventures and says Thank You to our Current City Businesses.

TPT rate 3% for retail sales, including food sales. Retail rate 2% for a single item in excess of $1,250. Hotel/motel (transient) combined rate 7%. Taxes are due monthly on the 20th of the month following the collection month. (Example: March taxes are due April 20th) However, the statute allows that a filing will be considered timely if it is received on or before the last business day of the month when due. The tax return must be filed even if there is no income from the business

To make establishing a New Business or Renewing a Current Business License more convenient for our residents we have placed the requirements and forms below.

Council Resolution No. 2008-79 regarding Business Permits

Current City of Willcox Business Permit holders database COMING SOON:

Willcox Business Permits - by Name 

For information on filing for an AZ State Tax Identification Number 
please visit or call 1-800-634-6494
Business Permit Application Form
For additional information or questions relating to the above forms or requirements contact Adrian Biniewski at 520-766-4202 
Forms may be submitted electronically to:
Forms may be mailed to: 

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